Player Affairs

What is Player Affairs?

The purpose of the Player Affairs division is to build and maintain strong, proficient relationships between the organisation and the players as well as to ensure that players are informed of the latest developments. It acts as a “customer service” facility and is the first point of contact for any enquiry players may have.

Player Affairs role:

  • Conducts visits to all the teams throughout the year;
  • Provides advice on employment related matters;
  • Manages and liaises with all 14 player representatives;
  • Disciplinary hearings;
  • Monitors matters pertaining to regulations, agents etc;
  • Updates on benefits available to players.

The Player Affairs division arrange regular annual visits to all unions around the following dates:

  • Junior Induction Session (January to February)
  • Player Representative Workshop (January)
  • Senior team and committee visits (July to August)
  • Squad visits (non Super Rugby unions) (November to December)
  • National team visits (June to July)