Financial Services

The MyPlayers Financial Services division was established by the professional rugby players in South Africa to manage their group financial services needs and requirements.

The role of the MyPlayers Financial Services Division

  • It oversees and manages all aspects relating to core financial product requirements by professional players;
  • Conducts research and development to ensure the best available core products are offered to players;
  • Ensure optimal administrative management on the various core products;
  • Appoint, oversee and manage other Financial Service Providers (FSPs) on behalf of the professional rugby players with regards to financial service products like their Health Care Benefits, GAP cover & other.

Service Offering

  • Retirement planning (Rugby Players’ Pension Fund)
  • Injury benefit for players who experience temporary or catastrophic injuries

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA):

The MyPlayers Financial Services division is an authorized financial services provider with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP46999).