Brand & Communications

The Brand and Communications division at MyPlayers is mainly responsible for general communication between the organisation and the players.

As part of our broader sphere, strategic communication with key stakeholders (such as media, provinces and federations) is also a key segment of our communication plan.

We develop and distribute various communication materials throughout the year, ensuring players and key stakeholders are kept informed about the Players’ Organisation and ongoing developments.

Below are some of the communication materials we distribute:

Electronic Newsletters
A formal update emailed to players informing them on latest developments within their organisation

Player Guide
This guide as serves as a ‘go to’ booklet for players with a focus on all player services offered by MyPlayers and is updated annually.

MyPlayers Magazine
A Players’ Magazine containing in-depth player stories as well as well as insights from former players.

The Players Annual
A formal publication issued to players and stakeholders on the performance of the organisation on a year to year basis.

MyPlayers Corporate Brochure
A company profile distributed to corporates and stakeholders.

Administrators Guide
A technical document distributed to sports administrators at provincial unions explaining various processes relating to player matters.

MyPlayers Fans
The MyPlayers Online Media Platform serves as a tool for players to connect with their fans through various exciting initiatives. Our exclusive player content offers players the opportunity to share their behind the scenes stories with the public, giving them an insight into their lives.

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Francois Louw with MyPlayers Magazine